Sparking Faith Conversations in the Age of Streaming

Let’s face the facts, the world is changing, and our approach to spirituality needs to adapt. While Christianity may be facing challenges, a fascinating trend is emerging: a surge in individual spiritual exploration. Recent research reveals that a whopping 74% of teens and 66% of those over 60 identify as at least moderately spiritually open. This isn’t just a passing fad; it’s a deep desire within people to connect with something bigger than themselves.

People are online more than ever now and that means streaming video must be a part of your ministry. This openness presents a unique opportunity for those who want to share the message of Jesus online. But how do we engage in meaningful conversations with such diverse individuals? Here are 10 questions to spark dialogue with the “spiritually open” in your social media and streaming video

1. Anxiety’s Grip: “Have you ever felt anxiety’s grip? How has faith, or the idea of a higher power, helped you navigate these moments?”

2. Loneliness’ Whispers: “Do you ever encounter moments of loneliness that provoke thoughts about a connection beyond ourselves? How do you explore those thoughts?”

3. Discouragement’s Shadow: “Feeling discouraged? Have you considered how faith, or the teachings of Jesus, could offer hope and strength during tough times?”

4. Stress’s Toll: “Does stress keep you from living your best life? Have you explored any practices or beliefs that help manage stress and find inner peace?”

5. Anger’s Flame: “We all experience anger sometimes. How do you approach this emotion? Have you found any guidance from faith or spiritual traditions?”

6. Relationship Crossroads: “Life’s relationships can be complex. Do you think faith can offer any guidance when navigating relationship challenges?”

7. Facing Your Fears: “Fear is a natural part of life. How do you face your fears? Have you found any comfort or strength in faith or spiritual beliefs?”

8. Understanding Jesus: “What do you understand about the life and teachings of Jesus Christ? Are there any aspects that resonate with you?”

9. Faith in Action: “How do you personally integrate faith into your daily activities and decisions? Do you find it guides your choices?”

10. The Power of Prayer: “Does prayer play a role in your life? If so, how does it impact your thoughts, feelings, and actions?”

By asking these open-ended questions on social media and in your streaming video, we can create a safe space for honest conversation, allowing people to explore their own spiritual journeys. Remember, this isn’t about proselytizing; it’s about building bridges and sharing the richness of faith.

Let’s move beyond stereotypes and embrace the exciting potential of this spiritual awakening. Together, we can foster meaningful conversations online, share the message of Jesus, and build a more inclusive and hopeful future in the content we post online.

Remember, the goal is to connect, not convert. Streaming video can create a space for open dialogue and mutual respect, we can help others explore their own spirituality and potentially discover the beauty and transformative power of faith. is here for you in 2024 and beyond! Reach out to us, since 2001 our seasoned ministry staff has worked exclusively with churches and ministries around the world. We have monthly webinars to equip you for ministry. Click here to learn more.

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