New! Viral Stream Share!

What if the members from your church could stream your church services on their own Facebook, YouTube and other social media without having to lift a finger? Image the increase in exposure your live and video archives would have? Well it’s now possible with a new feature from!

With Viral Stream Share you’ll be able to exponentially increase your exposure through your member’s social networks to reach more people every weekend. Viral Stream Share is not just sharing your stream, it’s broadcasting your stream to all of their friends on the member’s Facebook, YouTube or Twitter accounts. You can learn more by listening to the Church Solutions Podcast.

As your members automatically go live broadcasting your church’s stream, their Facebook and YouTube friends will be alerted to the stream. Now that every Facebook member has over 300 friends, your stream will be exposed to an exponential number of your member’s friends!

Another way to put it would be like this:
For every church member that participates, (potentially) over 300 of their friends are exposed to your church.
If only 10 of your church members participate, over 3000 of their friends will be exposed to your church service.
If 100 members participate, that’s over 30k friends will be exposed to your church service.

This is an excellent opportunity for your live stream, (as well as archived video), to get a ton of exposure!

Consider trying’s new Viral Stream Share today.

You can make a free trial here or if you already have a streaming account with, reach out at [email protected] today.

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