How to Create a “Plan your Visit” Video for your Website

Does your church website offer a “plan your visit” option? It’s one of the most powerful outreach tools for new visitors right now? It’s very important because…

  • It changes their perception of the church.
  • It changes the first interactions of the visit.
  • It changes the guest’s mindset expectations of the church.

A nice high quality video can add so much to your “Plan Your Visit” option! Here are some tips to make that video compelling.

1. Grab Attention in the First 6 Seconds

The first six seconds of your video are important because that is the amount of time your video is given before the viewer has a chance to press “skip” on a YouTube ad. One way you can grab attention is by creating very large captions (especially if you’re posting to Facebook since they can see your ad without hearing your ad).

2. Quickly Establish your Location

Don’t assume people know where you are located. You should verbally mention the city and put it in big captions within the first 10-15 seconds of the video. Also, having a map of your location is always a helpful resource.

3. Walk through the Order of Service

Hopefully, you will reach people who have never been to church in their entire life. What a privilege to be their first impression of the kingdom of God! It’s possible a first-time visitor doesn’t have the framework for how long a service goes and what the service includes. Try to give them a general idea of the service from start to finish. Don’t forget to mention how long your services typically run.

4. Keep Your Length at 2-3 Minutes

You will need to pack a lot of information in a short amount of time. If they do not know you, they will not give you 10 minutes to explain your church service. 2-3 minutes also helps you “kill your darlings” and only share what is necessary.

You can listen to Kenny Jahng as he explains more about a Plan Your Visit Option on the latest Church Solutions Podcast here.

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