5 Tips to Make Sure You Don’t Ignore Unchurched Guests on Easter

When unchurched people walk through your door this Easter, will you be ready for them?
Here are five specific ways to make sure you are ready for your Easter guests.

1. Make Sure You Have Enough Volunteers at Critical Points

Easter services typically come with large crowds and long lines. Both increase the discomfort of first-time guests who do not know where to go.

Be ready for them with extra volunteers in critical areas. Your parking lot, new family check-in, and auditorium seats are specific areas where you’ll need additional help.

2. Point Them to the Right Next Step

Many Easter guests are just trying to fulfill an annual religious duty. They are certainly not looking for a membership class.

Be sure to offer a simple next step that they are willing to take. For most guests, that will be the following week’s service.

It could also be an online resource for people with questions about faith. Take time to identify the right next step for unchurched guests. Let that be your only announcement on Easter.

3. Answer Their Most Critical Questions

We can no longer assume that everyone attending on Easter is there to celebrate the Resurrection. Many unchurched guests are simply searching for truth.

For someone without faith, the Gospel will sound unbelievable; maybe even downright crazy. You can help them step forward by anticipating and addressing the questions they are asking.

4. Don’t Give a False Impression of Your Church

You certainly want to put your best foot forward on Easter. But be careful not to set a false expectation of your church.

If a rock band is not your typical style, don’t try to pull it off for one Sunday.

If you know your children’s ministry is struggling, do not tell guests that kids are your top priority.

Be your best but maintain your authenticity. Otherwise, you’re setting guests up for another disappointing experience with church.

5. Make Connections

Easter attendance numbers certainly make for great social media posts. But they are not the reason any of us got into ministry.

If your desire is to truly help unchurched people connect to the local church, invest your energy and celebrations in that. Encourage your congregation to invite their friends back. Ensure your follow-up and connection processes are painless and personal.

Don’t rest on the fact that a crowd came one Sunday. Engage people in a community that could truly change their lives.

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