5 Things to Help Your Church for Easter

Easter, already? Yup, Easter is April 9th 2023. Easter is easily the most important service of the year. More people attend church on this weekend than any other. Non-believers are more open to attending with their family and friends. People who only go a couple times a year make sure to be there.

There are five things you can do to help your church be more prepared.

Look for New Volunteers – If you specifically ask for help with your Easter services and don’t require a long-term commitment, people will be a lot more willing to volunteer. They have less to lose by signing up, and this is one of the times their help is most needed.

Invite Friends and Family – If ever there was a time for your members to invite their friends and family to church, it’s Easter. You might even create physical invitations for people to pass out if they want. Social Media templates can also help your members share the event.

Have a Follow-up Plan – You’re going to have new people in your church. Some of them may come back on their own, but if you have a strong follow-up plan, you can significantly increase the number of visitors who return next week.

Make Sure Your Tech Team is Ready – There’s nothing more embarrassing than a technical failure in front of a bunch of strangers with high expectations. If you have equipment or software that’s been creating problems recently, this is a good time to replace it. You want every piece of your service to run smoothly, from kid check-in to worship to your streaming video.

Additional Parking – More people = more cars. If your parking lot can’t handle more vehicles, you may need to find more parking. Depending on how far away it is, you might also need to arrange to have a shuttle of some sort to transport people from the lot to your church. Encourage able-bodied members to park further away, so visitors have an easier time finding spots.

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