Why You Should Stream Your Christmas Services

We’re almost into the month of November, so you know what that means: it’s time to talk about your church’s Christmas ministry. By now, you’ve probably started thinking about how to welcome first-time guests that may be visiting your church during the holiday season.

However, there’s one thing you may not have thought about to engage people in your Christmas services: Streaming Video

There are multiple reasons why streaming your service may be a great option for your church this holiday season.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year and…it’s the Busiest Time of the Year.

People are busy. They may not think they have time to attend a holiday service, but they might be willing to listen to/watch one. Make your service something people can participate in when they can’t be there in person. A live streaming service also helps individuals who work overnight, Sunday mornings, or holiday shifts and simply can’t attend in person.

Tis the season.

This time of year, people start looking for a church to visit on Christmas. Potential first-time guests are more likely to visit your website or social media page before they visit your actual church. Streaming your service allows potential guests to see what your church is like. Your live streaming video can show the sincerity, authentic worship, and a general sense of what your church is like in real time.

Christmas brings questions.

The Holiday season gets people thinking about God. If you’re streaming live, a member of your church staff or key volunteer can respond to any questions that come up in the chat area of your streaming video platform. It’s basically another great chance to connect with guests before and during the holiday season. There’s also a different type of community that can develop amongst your online viewers. They start to recognize each other’s usernames and begin to build up a level of comfort with one another. They may even decide to attend an actual service together.

Holidays can bring people together.

During this time of year, I always think about families who can’t be together. Whether its military families with a loved one stationed overseas or a family that lives far apart and can’t travel, your church can help them feel connected to one another. By streaming your Christmas service, these families can tune in and participate in your service together at the same time. This is a small thing that can help them feel closer.

Holidays can be difficult.

The holiday season can be a difficult time of year for a lot of people. There are people in your area that may want to attend a Christmas church service, but are alone, sick, can’t get out of the house, etc. Streaming your service gives your church the ability to let the surrounding community participate in your service and extend who gets to hear the beautiful story of the birth of our Savior.

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