Why Streaming Your Church Services to TV Makes Sense

Many church leaders think it’s too expensive or special equipment is needed, but that is not accurate. Most don’t realize the benefits to streaming to TV.

TV might be the most popular American pastime. On average, 55% of Americans spend one to four hours daily watching TV, and 22% watch four or more hours every day. CivicScience tracking finds that hours watched have largely remained constant throughout 2022. Of all consumers polled, the average time spent watching mobile videos on a mobile device per week was seven minutes compared to an average of 32 hours and 47 minutes on traditional TV.

Let’s look at 10 reasons why more churches should be streaming to the TV.

  1. If you do streaming video already, streaming to the TV is simple
  2. The cost is inexpensive to stream to the TV
  3. It’s easy for those not comfortable with mobile phones or computers to watch your service on TV
  4. As stated above in the stats, people are already watching their TV
  5. Devices for users to watch streaming channels are very inexpensive
  6. Getting your own custom church channel is not expensive
  7. The whole family can sit and watch a church service together instead of separately on mobile devices or computers
  8. Your recorded messages can also be on the TV
  9. You can stream to the TVs around your church facility or another church campus
  10. Streaming channels are now more popular than ever

If you already do streaming video talk to your provider about streaming to the TV or you can reach out to us, StreamingChurch.tv and we can give you more information on the great way to reach people.

We recently did a webinar about this and if you’d like a recorded copy, you can go here.

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