Unique Ways Innovative Ministries are using Streaming

There are many creative ways that you can use your live stream beyond just live streaming your church service on Sunday mornings. By thinking outside the box, you can reach more people and provide them with valuable content that they may not be able to find anywhere else.

1. Video Breakaways – (to online pastor/host) This can be easily done using a video switcher going to a webcam or video camera in a different location of the building. The online pastor specifically addresses those watching online

2. Sunday Sermon Follow up – A great way to help people remember and put into practice the things mentioned in the sermon. You can do a short stream during the week to accomplish this.

3. Stream to Multiple Campuses – You can send the live stream in real time to a different location in your city (or world for that matter), where people are gathered. One church, many locations

4. 24/7 Streaming – Christian programing can be streamed with the appropriate permission and archived videos of past messages and studies

5. Online Learning Classes – A great way to teach specific classes during the week that can be streamed to your church website or other platform

6. Online Small Groups – A useful tool to help people get to know each other using Zoom, Skype, or similar tool for interactivity. Zoom also has a feature where you can send the meeting to your website

7. Online Leadership Training – Specifically designed for developing leaders within your church, online training allows for easy access to training your volunteers

8. Simulated Live – A past message or presentation (or a specially produced one), that can be set up and scheduled to stream anytime as a “live’ service.

9. Stream to Social Media (at the same time as Website )- You can send one stream out with your live encoder and if your streaming provider has this feature, the same stream will appear on your social media channels too.

10. Live Stream Weddings and Funerals – People are still hesitant to gather in large groups, and live streaming weddings and funerals has become a popular option. This allows family and friends who may not be able to attend in person to still participate in the service.

11. Live Stream Worship Nights – Many churches have talented musicians who could put on worship nights for the congregation. Live streaming the worship would allow people who are unable or unwilling to attend in person to enjoy the music still

12. Christian School Daily Announcements (or Daycare) – Christian schools can get their kids involved in announcements that go to the TVs and monitors into the classrooms. Parents can also watch and be involved

13. Stream to your own Branded Roku and Apple TV Channel – We usually think of streaming video going to your website but you can also take advantage of Roku and Apple TV if your streaming provider includes this option

We did a recent webinar many of these with more details. If you wish to watch a recorded copy of it, go here.

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