The Role of a Great Church Online Host

If you are streaming your services live and you have a chat feature, you should have at least one online host on whenever you have an event. The role of the online host is more than just monitoring the chat and making sure nobody says anything out of line. It is to encourage interaction and participation of the viewers. The online host can facilitate and help viewers connect and grow spiritually.

Below are ten things the online host can do to enhance a viewer’s experience.

1. Always welcome those entering the chat

We recommend when you welcome a guest, ask a follow up question to get to know them. (EXAMPLE: Hi johndoe, welcome to our online service, how is your day going?).

2. Ask icebreaker questions

Help spark discussion, recapping key points from the message that stand out to you personally. Posting questions that help facilitate conversations. Ask open ended questions. Posting questions that help encourage conversations and interactions.

3. Prayer

Offer prayer to guests in the chat area. You can pray with people right in the chat area, or encourage them to click the Request Prayer button if they’d rather talk and pray with a serving team member privately.

4. Call to action

Encourage viewers to take the next step in their spiritual growth, whatever that might mean to them. Remember, you’re a big part of the online service and what you say can help others.

5. Share your life

If the timing and moment is right, share something about your life. This opens a door for guests to do the same. Relationships are built based on our weaknesses, not our strengths. If we are willing to share our experiences with others, our willingness to share can lead others to share as well.

6. Point out different links on the video/chat platform

Hopefully you have a donation link, a digital connection card, as well as other links that can help people get involved in your church.

7. Encourage viewers to invite their friends.

It’s much less intimating to attend an online service than it is to walk in the door of a church you have never been before. Ask your viewers to think of a friend or family member that might be willing to check out the service online. Provide a direct link for others to view the streaming.

8. Thank your viewers for attending

Always let your guests know you appreciate their attending and give them contact information in case they have questions or needs.

9. Follow-up

If you have the ability to get the emails of your viewers, sending a thank you for watching is a valuable tool. Don’t be pushy but let them know you are available and always encourage them to come back to the next live event.

10. Let people know about your archived videos

Hopefully your church has past videos or audio podcasts that you can point people to. This will help them connect even more to your ministry.

Being an online host can make a huge difference for viewers of your online streaming. Join us for our free webinar, 4 Easy Steps to Leverage Your Live Stream for Ministry Growth on March 15th at 12:00 PM EST. Click here to sign up!

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