Does Your Church Have Great Customer Support?

Those of us involved in church work understand we are called to serve. We serve our visitors, members, volunteers, and employees. This service demonstrates how much we value those we interact with.

Businesses understand this. They call it customer service. I would suggest the principles are almost the same. I realize churches are not a business although a pastor friend of mine says, “we are in the people business, how’s business?”

Churches often struggle with the term “customer” and sometimes question if churches have customers. But more churches have become aware of the need to identify who their customers are and strategically take steps to create a positive experience for them.

Let’s look at five benefits to great customer support does for a business and how it actually can apply to your church. 

Great Customer Support….

  1. Builds customer loyalty: For a business, customer support can help build customer loyalty by showing that a company cares about its customers and is willing to help them with their issues.

For the Church – reaching out to visitors and members demonstrates a Christ like caring attitude, ministering to their needs. People become committed to this kind of church.

2. Resolves customer problems: Effective customer support can help resolve problems and issues, which can prevent customers from becoming frustrated or dissatisfied with a company’s products or services.

For the Church – taking the time to be available to listen to the needs and even admit mistakes and correct any problems, working with the people with a loving, humble attitude can be an opportunity to minister.

3. Improves customer satisfaction: Good customer support can improve customer satisfaction by providing timely and accurate information, answering questions, and addressing concerns.

For the Church – making the time to be available to answer questions or help solve a family problem, and providing resources for the induvial or family can change a life and family for the better.

4. Increases customer retention: When customers receive good customer support, they are more likely to continue doing business with a company, which can increase customer retention rates and ultimately drive revenue growth.

For the Church – when people feel like the leadership cares and does appropriate follow up of visitors, this brings confidence to the people, and they will many times come back and make a commitment to be a part of this church family.

5. Enhances brand reputation: Providing excellent customer support can enhance a company’s brand reputation by showing that it values its customers and is committed to providing high-quality products and services. This can help attract new customers and increase overall brand awareness.

For the Church, the same is very similar; it builds a solid reputation in the community and new people hear about this church and visit and hopefully become part of the church family.

Creating the Customer Service Vision

The first step is communicating the great customer service is to share the vision to church staff and volunteers. This is done by articulating the expectations for ensuring a positive experience. It is important that this critical group of people understand their role in achieving the excellent service vision.

Churches that share a customer service vision, and teach customer service skills, will have staff and volunteers who are better prepared and will help more people find a healthy church family to grow spiritually in.

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