9 Things You Need to Know About Free Services vs Paid

From time to time I get the question, Why not just stream to a free service like YouTube? My answer is It’s a matter of “You get what you pay for.”

Here’s a short list of ways you’ll pay for streaming to a free service:

  • Free services WILL post unwanted ads on your live church service.
    And some of those ads may not be appropriate for your live streaming experience.
  • Free services WILL block your live worship service when its algorithm detects copyrighted worship music.
    And they don’t care if you already have a license for the music (as most ministries do).
  • Free services WILL NOT allow you to embed your live stream on your church website.
    YouTube will allow an embed, but the embed changes for every live stream event (this will drive your webmaster crazy!).
  • Free services WILL NOT allow you to customize your streaming platform to match your ministry and your website.
  • Free services DO NOT provide any support. EVER!
  • Free services DO NOT provide detail analytics.
    Who attended from where? How long were they viewing? Is this their first time or fortieth? The free services don’t provide this information.
  • Free services ARE NOT designed for ministry.
    This is a biggy since you won’t have tools necessary for doing church online like private prayer, automated visitor follow-up, automated countdown timers till next service and a ton more.
  • Free services CANNOT protect your ministry and your live stream service.
    There’s no way to ban unwanted online visitors from disrupting your service and your guests online.
  • Free services ARE distracting.
    Those attending your service will be enticed to view other content and other things while visiting your service. The average viewer time on a free service is dramatically less than when they’re attending using a system designed for ministry.

I certainly understand budget constraints when it comes to ministry but I would suggest seeing streaming video as an investment that can lead to church growth. A solid streaming video platform on your church website can lead to opportunities to interact with those interested in visiting your church as well as a continual connection with those who are regular attenders who cannot always show up in person.

We at StreamingChurch.tv are always happy to provide a free consultation with no pressure when it comes to streaming video. Feel free to email, chat live on our website or call us, 866.852.6648.

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