5 Unique Ideas for Streaming Your Easter Service

Churches across the nation and overseas have responded to the COVID-19 restrictions with admirable flexibility and creativity. During this time of uncertainty and change, one question looms for many church leaders: What do we do for Easter?

Consider making live streaming video a top priority for Easter. Why?

Streaming Live…

  • Allows a larger number of people to connect with your church. Reach those who are homebound, serving abroad in the military, not living in the vicinity, and otherwise can’t make the trip in-person. It goes without saying that Easter is an immensely important time for people and live streaming makes sure everyone can connect from anywhere in the world.
  • Easter Sunday is a great way to introduced new members to your church. Most visitors will check a church out online long before they attend in-person. Live streaming offers them an easy way to become familiar with your ministry and teaching style. This simple introduction makes it more likely they will attend in the future.
  • Allows non-church goers to feel part of a strong and spritual community. Let’s face it: many people who need your help the most will not physically step foot in a church, especially during a pandemic. Online streaming gives them the risk-free opportunity to join your digital church family. Many churches are even assigning care pastors to specifically care for their virtual congregation.
  • Opens up more opportunities for giving. Those watching your live stream are on your website already. This allows you to make donating an easy process where viewers can participate with just a few clicks.

This is your opportunity to broadcast your Easter service – and, more importantly, the message of Easter – more widely than ever before. Stay connected, grow your church.

Below are 5 unique streaming ideas you can put into place for both Holy Week and Easter Sunday:

1. Find a way to make the streaming service a bit more interactive. Solicit responses to a question in advance, which you can read online. Make sure you have a streaming service that offers a platform that is interactive, not just video only. Live chatting is important, especially during these times.

2. Create shareable video invitations for Easter worship. Get your details together and film a 30-second clip from the pastor. You can easily do it on your mobile phone, just make sure the audio is decent and try to use bright, natural light. Make sure your members have access to the recording and can share it with their friends.

3. Include a clip from your former members. Remember that awesome family that moved out of state? People in your church miss them. Ask them to send in a special, 1-minute video about how they plan to spend Easter.

4. Make a video montage. Solicit a series of 5- to 10-second video clips from your congregation finishing this sentence: “Because the tomb is empty, I…” Ask a video-savvy member to stitch the clips together into a brief montage that you can email out, add to your streamed worship lineup, and share on social media platforms.

5. Send video discussion questions. Give your congregation a way to discuss spiritual topics with open-ended questions about Easter. Thoughtful questions serve as a launching point to help visitors reach out and stay involved in your church.

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