5 Significant Ways to Show Gratitude to Your Church Volunteers

Why is it important to always show gratitude whenever possible to our church volunteers? It’s not just because we need them, but because they are people that deserve to be loved and appreciated. Studies tell us that receiving and showing gratitude makes us all healthier.

Here are five significant ways to express gratitude to them today.

  1. Use the Mailbox, not Email! There’s something special about getting a short letter or nice card expressing appreciation. It shows you took the time to do this.
  2. Listen! Make time to actively listen. Volunteers often have great ideas and fresh perspectives. Give them regular opportunities to provide feedback and share their ideas.  Listening to people who regularly serve your church day-in and day-out is critical to not only showing appreciation for volunteers but gauging the health of your volunteer culture.
  3. Give a Thoughtful Gift. As you decide what to give them, think about what the person uses in their everyday life or about your most special memories together. A gift could also be an experience, rather than a physical object.
  4. Share a Genuine Compliment. Put some real thought into this and be specific. What are you noticing about this volunteer that you can express your thanks for?
  5. Get Creative in your Show of Gratitude. We can’t all be talented artists, but it really is the thought and effort put in that counts. Remember, a little bit of creativity goes a long way.

There are no unimportant volunteers within the church.  Some volunteer roles may seem inconsequential compared to others, but each one is uniquely necessary. Make sure you take the time to regularly show gratitude to those that serve your church, it will encourage them in ways we may not even realize.

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