10 Ways to be Better in Ministry for 2023

Wow, 2023 is almost here. Many folks make New Year’s Resolutions, the things they hope to accomplish. Here’s a twist, how about some things you do not want to do in 2023?

1. Do not allow ministry to take important time away from your family. It’s easy to feel justified because you’re serving God, but your family is most important than church.

2. Do not allow day-to-day matters to keep you from planning the most compelling sermon series’ possible. Don’t let busyness get in the way.

3. Do not allow for time wasters. people to pressure you into meeting with them during the week when you have more important priorities to accomplish.

4. Do not give out your cell phone number and private email address to people who shouldn’t have them. You’ll be forever chasing the wrong priorities.

5. Do not ignore planning your week’s top 5-6 priorities on Sunday afternoon. Make a note of these new issues and incorporate them into next week’s focus.

6. Do not work on Fridays and Saturdays. Trust that consistently working 40 hours a week Sunday through Thursday will be sufficient to have a healthy church and life.

7. Do not rush through the week. Slow down and be present in every situation, good or bad. Bethe kind of friend that others wish they had, and enjoy the journey more.

8. Do not be underpaid for your job. Many times people in ministry are not paid what they are worth because, well, it’s ministry. What you do is important and you should be compensated fairly for it.

9. Do not believe it all depends on you. You are important to your church but there are others important too, and its God’s church, right?

10. Do not stop learning and growing. Go on retreats, read a book on a topic you might not even agree on. Talk with others who hold different viewpoints on matters.

There are always plenty of things that will distract us from what is important. Consider this Do Not DO list and perhaps add to it where it applies to your life.

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